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Residents of Rhode Island: Read this to Save Money on Fuel Costs

Everyone wants to spend less and save more! Casey’s Oil & Propane supports your desire to save, and therefore has several key suggestions that can help you keep your Tiverton, RI home comfortable for less.

  • Choose a discount COD oil company to fill your orders
  • Watch pricing in Tiverton, RI so you know when the price is low
  • Enjoy seasonal deals and customer discounts
  • Use the off season to take advantage of further discounts

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Best Customer Service in Rhode Island

Our team always loves to help you with any of your questions. With no hoops to jump through, simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you with anything you need! Don’t want to pick up the phone? Contact us online 24/7 and we’ll get right back to you!

On-Time Heating Oil Delivery in Tiverton, RI

Place your order for heating oil online with Casey’s Oil & Propane, and then kick back and relax. As our customer, you can expect your oil to be delivered in a timely manner, no matter what the weather or season might hold. While winter storms that bring snow and ice can pose challenges for heating oil consumers and fuel delivery businesses alike, our top priority is keeping you safe, so we’ll always work hard to make sure your oil tank is full.

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Benefits to Heating with Oil

Thousands of Rhode Island homeowners choose to heat their homes with oil because of its many benefits and abundance in the area. You can know and trust that there will be enough fuel for all your residential and commercial needs!

  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Clean
  • Affordable

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to claim some of Casey’s premium discounted fuel oil today. Simply give us a call or contact us online to request your delivery.

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