Marine Diesel

In addition to heating oil, propane, and diesel fuel, Casey’s Oil and Propane is proud to supply both Newport and Bristol communities with top-quality marine diesel. These communities are largely ocean based and we want to make sure that everyone from fishermen, to barges, and sailboats, have access to the quality marine diesel that we have been supplying faithfully since 1993.

By land or sea, Casey’s Oil and Propane has you covered! Know that wherever you may be, Casey’s can reach you for all your diesel needs. Whether for your business or for recreational boating, we at Casey’s Oil and Propane would be happy to be your diesel provider of choice.

Barge Diesel Delivery

Our barge, The Black Rose, delivers ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), the preferred diesel fuel for safe, efficient operation of your marine vehicles. We deliver within Newport Harbor and a minimum of 500 gallons is required for barge service. Request a diesel delivery for your boat or ship today!


Truck Diesel Delivery

Looking for marine diesel onshore in the Newport, Rhode Island area? We offer truck delivery of our ULSD fuel for all of your boating needs. Let us know if you’d like to schedule a diesel delivery right here on our website, or call our office at (401) 848-5945.


Casey’s Oil and Propane is Newport’s most trusted fuel company and they have built a reputation in their 28 years of service for providing convenient fueling options at the lowest prices.

Casey’s offers high quality ultra-low sulfur diesel, marine diesel, #2 home heating oil, and a variety of lube oils.

Marine fueling is accomplished by truck or barge to Newport and Bristol County. Their barge, the Black Rose, provides convenience to customers with its large capacity and high pump speed. Casey’s is fully licensed and certified by the United States Coast Guard for barge deliveries within Newport Harbor. A minimum of 300 gallons is required for barge service. Fuel samples and specifications sheets are available upon request. Absorbent pads are for sale by the bundle. Casey’s is happy to arrange for D.E.F. to be delivered in bulk to large boats.

Casey’s Oil and Propane now offers Valvtect for marine fueling. Containing biocide to prevent bacteria and biological growth, it is the industry’s only EPA registered multifunctional high performance diesel additive. By eliminating growth found in diesel fuel systems and storage tanks, it significantly improves equipment operation and engine performance. Preventing corrosion and controlling moisture will help reduce exhaust emissions and extend shelf life.

The product also contains detergent, cetane, additional VT101 lubricity improver, stabilizer, dispersant, and corrosion inhibitor to reduce the use of multiple additives. While it is recommended for all diesel-powered marine engines, it can also be used effectively in on-road and off-road equipment to help prevent ultra-low sulfur diesel and biodiesel related problems.

With their quick and reliable service, you can depend on Casey’s for your marine fueling needs. Call in advance to secure the best possible date and time for delivery. Casey’s accepts payments in the following forms: Check, Wire Transfer, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and cash.

Lifelong lobster and crab fisherman, Jimmy has been our customer for over thirty years:

“I take up to 50 trips out a year, it’s a demanding schedule, and I have never had a problem getting fuel when I need it.” – Jimmy Violet