If you live in the state of Rhode Island then allow us to be your propane dealer and delivery agency. Put your trust in the hands of our prompt, professional, and safe staff to be by your side whenever you need fuel, service, or support!

We’re proud to support the Three Angels Fund out of Portsmouth, RI by donating a portion of the proceeds from each gallon our pink and white propane bobtail delivers. And, to kick off our partnership we donated $5,000!

Propane Heating Benefits

Many people are aware of the abundance of benefits to choosing propane as your primary home fuel. Read more about why propane is such a valuable and versatile choice:


Rhode Island has many options when it comes to choosing an affordable propane provider. When you choose us, you can know and trust that you are getting the best price and quality fuel on the market.


Knowing your fuel choice is safe for your family and home is an invaluable benefit that gives you peace of mind. According to the National Fire Protection Association and the Environmental Protection Agency, propane is a safe, non-toxic fuel, that has a low emission rate and does not leak, spill, or cause fires. Put your trust in the hands of our safe and professional drivers.


Used commercially or residentially, the uses of propane are quite extensive and can be used for central zoned heating, cooking, water heating, and more. Trust that this reliable fuel will help you feel confident in your home’s ability to stay warm and safe using just one source of fuel.